IKOS production: Part 3 – Attention to details

We don’t lose our attention in quality even in the small details. Even the screws we use were subject of analysis and study.

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IKOS production: Part 2 – Choosing the Components

The interior of the burning chamber is the most worn and stressed part of the insert because is in direct contact with the flame. Once again the material choice is crucial. 

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IKOS production: Part 1 – Choosing the Materials

There are different materials that can be used for making an insert. In cast iron or steel, the most important is the quality of the materials.

In IKOS we use only the best materials in our products, starting with the metal.

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3 Reasons to Choose Pellets

Pellets are a biofuel produced from compacted organic matter (biomass) and are therefore considered a source of renewable energy.

The quality of the pellets is a factor to be taken into account. IKOS recommends the use of certified fuel in order to ensure that the stove works at peak performance and without malfunctions.

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