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The trend in recent years in our business, in many cases, has been towards more economical products with more attractive pricing, instead of better quality and craftsmanship. For us at IKOS it is absolutely clear that the only way to continuously grow in this our line of business is to continuously improve, to innovate and to work with a network of trusted professionals.

We seek partners that understand this concept and are in line with this business culture. Our commitment to our partners is simple, only quality products and services. Our products are built to last a very long time for the benefit of our brand but even more important to protect the reputation of our partners.


Our commitment to continuous improvement starts with our strong partnerships with our suppliers. We work with a worldwide network of leading and trusted suppliers of materials that we use for the production of our equipment. This is where the quality process begins.

Quality is the sum of all materials, processes and craftsmanship that we input in our products in order to be sure that they last for a very long time.





IKOS is a dynamic company that designs, develops and produces biomass heating appliances, the people behind our brand are highly experienced professionals in these areas. With well over two decades of experience in areas of engineering, production and installation of fireplaces and stoves. Our deep knowledge in what we do gives us the ability to deliver products that meet your needs.


Designers, Architects and Engineers, work together to achieve the best compromise between design and function, in order to give a soul and a purpose to our products. At Ikos, the designing process is a complete relationship between human and machine.



As a team we aspire to deliver innovative products with the highest quality standards that will further the existing technological boundaries of biomass heating and better the lives of the people that select an IKOS product for their home. Innovation never stops, it has no limits, we will never stop improving our products and exceeding your expectations.


We know how to combine the strengths of handcrafted wisdom with the mechanized elements of the high precision machines with which we work, thereby transposing our products into high quality, reliable and efficient standards.